Twist of Fate update Wednesday 10th June 2020 Zee world

Twist of Fate 10 June 2020: On Twist of Fate update Wednesday 10 June 2020 Zee world, Sarla asking Pragya if her karva chauth went well and if Abhi forgave her after the arrest incident.

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Pragya shyingly hugs her and says she gave her best gift by marrying her to Abhi and says she is very happy. Sarla says you are talking like a new bride who wants to talk her mind out and asks what is in her mind. Pragya says she gave her 2 lives, once when she gave her birth and another when she got her married to Abhi and says she can fast for whole month for Abhi and says she can do anything to keep him happy and now she is in his love. She asks her to bless that Abhi should always be happy and their marriage life prospers till their last breath.

Tanu hugs Abhi and says she wants to live every moment of her life with him and wants to marry him. He says he respects her feelings, but he cannot marry her. She asks if he does not love her. He says he has his own commitments. She asks if he thinks Pragya as his wife and is committed to her now. Abhi says he just cares Daadi and Pragya has trapped Daadi, and he cannot see Daadi in trouble. He gets Daadi’s call who asks if he went to Sarla’s house and asks her to let her speak to Pragya. He says she is in kitchen. She asks him to give phone to Sarla. He says even she is in kitchen. She hears Tanu’s voice and asks who is that. He says it is Purvi.

Sarla happily hugs Pragya and says she made her happy by expressing her happy married life. She says she has prepared food for her and will get it. Once she walks out, Bulbul enters and asks Pragya how can she love Abhi when she knows he is already in love with another woman and says Abhi is not right for her and he is stone hearted and will not understand her feelings. She says she cares for her and she cannot see her broken hearted and upset. Pragya says she knows she is going on a path where she will fall flat and is expecting a man’s love who does not even care about her and things are repeating again, but she cannot do anything as she is in love and has moved way ahead. She does not except his love back and when there is no hope, there will also be less pain. She does not know till when he will keep her in his home, but until she is alive, she will love only him.

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Abhi says Tanu that he has to go now to Sarla’s home as Daadi wants to speak to Pragya and before she calls him back, he has to be there. She tries to stop him, but he walks out.

Daadi says Sarla and Pragya that this diwali is special and comes in many years. Sarla says we will celebrate it without Pragya this time.

Abhi reaches Sarla’s house. He reminisces Tanu’s request and thinks he can neither love Pragya nor marry Tanu, his life is messed up. Purvi sees him and gets him in. Sarla asks Pragya to get water for Abhi. She asks Abhi about his family and praises him for his help. She says she used to miss a son and after he came in her life, she can tell whole world that Abhi is her son. She says he wiped her tears and married her daughter. She says her name is not related to her, but she is related to his heart. Abhi gets emotional hearing that. He drinks water and gets hiccups. She asks if he is fine. He goes to washroom and thinks he is an emotional fool and thinks Sarla’s family is making her husband, son-in-law and now son. He cannot marry Tanu because of them. Pragya comes there and asks him to come out as there is problem. He asks her not to disturb him. She says there is no water in bathroom. He has already applied soap to his face. He opens door and starts fighting with Pragya. She goes out to bring water.

Pragya gets water for Abhi and helps him wash face. He says he knows she must be laughing at him and thinking of taking his pic. He asks her towel, but she gives her dupatta. He sees her staring at her and smiling and asks why is she smiling. He asks why is he looking tensed. He says today Tanu proposed me to marry her.

Abhi telling Pragya that Tanu proposed him today to marry her. Bulbul comes there with towel and is shocked to hear that. Abhi says Pragya that he was just joking and asks her to stop Bulbul to from telling it to family. He thinks he is a problem child and cannot even enjoy freedom.

Pragya tries to convince Bulbul that Abhi was joking. Bulbul says he is telling right and she is just trying to protect him. She says Pragya that she did not realize earlier when Suresh wanted to marry her instead of Pragya. Pragya says though he married her to take revenge and for his sister’s sake, but he is not that bad. Bulbul asks why is she trying to mask his mistake. Pragya says she loves Abhi now and can see only his goodness, etc.

Abhi with Pragya while driving car towards home gets tensed reminiscing Tanu’s marriage proposal. Pragya sees him and thinks he was not joking and telling truth.

Raj takes Mitali for shopping. She happily says if he takes her for shopping often like this, she will not con him. He asks what does she mean. She says he always gives him less money to shop and insists that he get him some shopping bag. He hesitantly agrees and they start shopping bags. Police comes there and arrests Raj for cancelling marriage hall contract and taking bribe. Raj says he did not do any mistake and gets into police van. Mitali shouts that he did not do mistake, but she took his sign without his knowledge. She worriedly wakes up from her sleep and it is just her dream. She worriedly says she will not Raj happen anything. Raj also wakes up and asks what is she frightened so much. she changes track and says she took money from his wallet for diwali shopping. He says he got diwali bonus and he wanted to give it to her, but she took it before that, he asks her to go back to sleep. Mitali thinks if this was dream or reality.

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Abhi at his room thinks he cannot explain neither Tanu nor Daadi. Pragya enters room and sees him tensed, she thinks of cheering him up. She says when he says no, it means yes, says she will sleep on his bed alone. She says he looks good silent and says she will gain weight with happiness if he continues to be silent. She thinks he is still silent and shouts cockroach. He says if she does not keep silent, he will break her spectacles and shove them into her throat and says he is not in a mood to talk today. She sees real cockroach and gets afraid. He kicks cockroach from there and goes and sleeps on couch. She takes his guitar and asks him to sing for her. He asks if she think him as roadside singer, says he is a rockstar and will not insult himself by singing in front of her. She says he is nervous and is afraid he will fail if he sings in front of her. He accepts her challenge and starts singing. She smilingly looks at his face while he sings. Serial’s title song…..,. plays in the background. He finishes song and asks if he is still looking nervous. She says he is neither nervous nor tensed now. He asks if she did it purposefully to take out his tension. She says yes and says she cannot see him tensed, says goodnight and sleeps.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s home and thinks she will convince him today for marriage. Cousin daadi’s see her and ask if she found a guy like Abhi and ask her to marry even if she gets a guy who has a little bit qualities of Abhi. Tanu says she will marry and come to this house soon. Daasi asks cousin whom she is referring to. Cousin says Akash. Daasi says they both don’t even talk to each other. They see Tanu talking to servant and ask servant if he is married. He says no. They think Tanu was fasting for servant and wants to marry him.

Tanu says Aaliya that she is sure Abhi is developing feelings for behenji and does not want to marry her now. Aaliya asks her to relax and gets back looking at article. Tanu says she cannot control her own boyfriend, then how can she help her. Daadi comes there and asks Aaliya if she invited her friends for card party. Aaliya says only some will come. Daadi says there is a laxmi pooja after card game and they will have to go after pooja. She invites Tanu also. Tanu happily agrees. Aaliya says Tanu she was reading article how to control men. She says they will spoil Pragya’s image in dadi’s eyes. Tanu thinks she herself has to do something now.

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