Videos Of The Week: THE Moment When Birthday oy Chris Evans aka Captain America picked Thor's Mjolnir

It's Chris Evans's birthday today and the charming Captain America turns handsome 39. We all (MCU fans) love him as Captain America and though Captain has retired, on his birthday, we have to give him a special credit using his character which stands for more than just his drop-dead gorgeous physique

So, back to 2015, when Age of Ultron had released. Thor asks the other Avengers to try and pick Mjolnir, his hammer. Right from Hawkeye to Iron Man, Hulk and War Machine everyone tries to pick Mjolnir but no luck. When it's Cap's turn, Mjolnir budgets a little but cap gives it up before trying too hard. 

Return to 2019, when Endgame released. Towards the climax, Thor is fighting Thanos and the latter is over-powering the former. Though Thor had Stormbreaker, the ultimate weapon, he needed help and that's when the moment happened. Captain called for Mjolnir and it answered

I still remember being in the cinema hall and when Captain catches Mjolnir, the whole theatre erupted in applause. Every single person in the room was screaming with joy and unfathomable excitement at that time. Even Thor thought him worthy of Mjolnir.

What makes this memory special? Chris has played a superhero before (Fantastic Four), but Captain's character is way too realistic. Odin, Thor's father, had cast a spell of only the worthy one would weld Mjolnir and the one to do so will have the power of Thor. 

There are certain similarities between the two, one can do a separate article on it. Coming back to Mjolnir, it is not an ordinary tool or weapon, it has a mind of itself which determines the worthiness of the one who tries to wield it. A weapon that has a mind of its own, answering Captain's call is like the ultimate privilege. Thank you for entertaining us all these years, Captain.

Happy Birthday, Chris Evans. You may play many characters in your career and win several hearts, but Captain will always be special for us. And we know, for you too!

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