Wednesday 10th june 2020 Update On Jiji Maa on Adom tv

Wednesday 10 june 2020 Update On Jiji Maa on Adom tv:

The Episode starts with Vidhaan and Niyati making a video. They compliment each other. They dance on saree ka fall sa….

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Uttara gets shocked seeing Vidhaan wearing saree. Vidhaan sees Uttara and unties the saree. Niyati says I have some work. She goes. Uttara asks what was going on here Vidhaan. He says we were making video. She says Niyati would have told you, she is your wife, not boss.

He says I did this to make Niyati happy, she went in depression after losing the baby, if I she gets happy and forgets pain by my silly things, I have no problem, you know I will be happy if she stays happy. He hugs her. Niyati gets icecream for Falguni. She says you have inspired me. Falguni gets happy seeing her smile. Niyati asks why did you sacrifice your happiness. Falguni asks what. Niyati says I wanted to talk to you, you have hidden truth from me, why did you get your uterus removed, you can never become mum now. Falguni says I became mum when you called me Jiji maa, but I was helpless, Uttara kept this condition, I would have given my life to her. Niyati says I should have not married. Falguni says Vidhaan and I are made for each other, I wish you both never get separated. Niyati asks why did Uttara lie to everyone. Falguni says its not a big thing to make fake reports.

Niyati says you can get tests done and then prove to Suyash. Falguni says what’s the use, Uttara can lie again, it doesn’t matter as Suyash isn’t with me, you are there for me. Niyati says its my right to see your happiness, I can’t stay happy if you aren’t happy, promise me you won’t put your happiness at stake. Falguni promises. Suyash works out. He thinks of Lazer. He apologizes to Jayant as he couldn’t go in NGO function. Jayant says its fine. Suyash says money doesn’t value much to us, I realized money is much imp in a village. Jayant says we should think to end this difference, we do this work in NGO. Suyash says you are doing great work. Jayant says thank God you realized this. Falguni talks to Punja. She hears Naren shouting on Suman. Naren says we can’t keep threads at home. Suyash says I met a girl who looks like Falguni, she stays with Punja. Jayant asks was she really like Falguni.

Suyash says that girl is coming home, you can see her, she is different, I forgot Falguni. Suman says I have kept the thread to make a saree for Rekha. Falguni supports her. Punja says its wrong, we can’t keep the threads with us. Falguni argues for their rights. Naren says I hate my life, I can’t do anything for my family. Uttara gets angry when a woman comes to meet Falguni. Niyati comes. Uttara says Falguni spoiled our image, I will not leave that sewing machine. Falguni asks Suman not to blame herself. She asks Punja to find some solution to get rid of poverty. He says leave it to us. Uttara slips and gets hurt. Niyati signs Maharaj. She recalls making a plan to save sewing machine. Uttara says I fell down, something came in between. Niyati says its this machine’s bad shadow, you were falling down, we can throw this out. Uttara says no, I will not leave my enemy’s thing.

Utara pouring keresone and lighting matchstick to burn the sewing machine. It doesn’t catch fire. Niytai recalls making a plan and changing kerosene with blue colored water. She says its bad luck, we should give this machine back to Falguni, it will be big revenge, sorry do as you want. Uttara says no, you are saying right, Shom ask Falguni to come and collect the machine. He agrees. She calls Falguni. She asks her to get her machine. Falguni asks Punja about the bus. He says it will come in evening. She goes to take lift. Suyash passes by and stops. He gives her lift. She gets in the car.

They have a talk on the way. She asks him why did he get quiet hearing mum’s name. He asks how do you know I m married. She says Punja told me about your royal marriage. He says I got married, but my relation broke, she left. She says husband and wife’s relation is not such to break up, love always attaches people. He asks where do you want to go. She thinks I have to become Falguni on the way. She says thanks for lift, you help me sometimes and I help you sometimes, it seems we have some old relation. He looks at her. She says stop here. He says there is nothing here.

She says I have work there. She goes. Falguni comes home to get machine. Servant stops her from going on. She asks Maharaj how is he, is he making food well. He says food doesn’t have the taste, you used to make food with love. Uttara scolds Maharaj. He apologizes. Uttara asks Falguni to take the machine, else how will she manage her living. She says I m getting happy seeing you, just leave from here, take this machine. Niyati signs Falguni and goes. Falguni takes the machine in tempo.

Suyash comes. Falguni sees him and stops. Main tenu samjhawan…..plays….. she goes. Niyati follows Falguni’s fules and prays to Lord. She says you will get Falguni back here soon. Vidhaan shows the video they made. They get excited to read people’s comments. Uttara sees the video and throws phone. She gets angry on Vidhaan and Niyati. She says I have to do something about her. Shom says Balwant has come back. She says go and meet him, do anything. Balwant shoots the glass bottles and scares the men. Shom calls him and asks him to find out about Lazer, its Uttara’s order. Balwant agrees.

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