Wednesday 3 june 2020 Update On Jiji Maa on Adom tv

Wednesday 3 june 2020 Update On Jiji Maa on Adom tv

The Episode starts with everyone rushing to Niyati. Falguni gets away and wishes for Suyash and Niyati. Suyash shouts Falguni and sees the balloon going away.

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He thinks of her words and cries. They rush Niyati to the hospital. Vidhaan signs the consent form. He gets angry on the doctor. Doctor says we are doctors, not Lord, we are trying our best. Vidhaan asks him to do his best, sorry. Uttara says Niyati is pregnant, nothing should happen to baby. They cry. Vidhaan says we didn’t know about Falguni till now. He hugs them. Suyash meets commissioner and asks will my wife be found. Commissioner assures help. Suyash refuses to go till he learns about his wife.

Niyati gets treated. Uttara goes and calls Dilip. Dilip says your work is done, arrange money. She scolds him and says Niyati was also with Falguni. He says sorry, we just did what you said, just do our payment, because Falguni is dead. Suyash says I didn’t know about Falguni yet, dad I will call you later. Jayant cries. Commissioner says we got the pieces of air balloon, but we didn’t find anyone. Suyash asks how can this happen. Vidhaan cries thinking of Niyati. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. Jayant prays for his family and coming baby. Uttara cries.

She asks him not to lose courage. Doctor comes to them and says Niyati is fine, but we couldn’t save the baby. They get shocked. Doctor says Niyati lost her child, Niyati is unconscious, you can meet her later. Vidhaan cries. A man gives sweets to Uttara and says I got a baby. She shouts on him as she lost a heir. Vidhaan sees the toys and cries. Suyash says we didn’t check here. Commissioner says we didn’t get anything in 3 km radius, its impossible to get saved from there, its good to keep hope, but think Falguni can’t survive. Suyash says Falguni can’t leave me. Commissioner says we have to stop this search operation. Suyash says please don’t say this. Commissioner says just a miracle can save her. He gets a call and says we found a dead body, can you go for checking. Suyash nods and cries thinking of Falguni.

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