Wednesday & Thursday update On Kulfi the singing star (24th - 25th June 2020)

Wednesday update On Kulfi the singing star 24th June 2020: On Kulfi the singing star wednesday 24 June 2020, Kulfi insists on going Chandnaur, Lovely and Amyra convince Kulfi to let Sikander have his favourite dish, kulfi finally says yes.
Sikander says my childhood was spent here, and tells his childhood stories to girls and talks about his friend Joggi, Sikander says Joggi is reason SSG today, and I miss him, i haven’t seen him in ages, a man walks to Sikander at aloo puri stall.
Sikander and Joggi hug eachother, they go Joggis house for food, Sikander asks how could you manage same food, Joggi says I married the owners daughter and calls his wife Shila, she greets everyone and leaves, Sikander asks why is she so shy, Joggi says she is mad about you.
Sikander plays guitar and sing at night during bon fire, Sikander very happy, Everyone applauds for Sikander, Shila praises Sikander, Sikander asks how are our friends. Kulfi asks Joggi to tell more about school friends, Joggi tells about bitto , Noori and mirchi, amyra likes the story.
Sikander asks how are our friends, Joggi says let’s plan a reunion, they will rush to you after finding you here, Sikander says I have to leave for Chandnaur next time, I promise, Lovely says I think we have to go Mumbai and focus on our label, Sikander says 2-3 days won’t matter we will go back and work.
Sikander wakes up and finds his friends starring at him, all sit together and chat, mirchi says I miss college days, bitto says we have one thing,EFT. Sikander asks what, bitto shows a picture. Sikander says this is JJ, Joggi says right you were so much better than him but he use to trouble us so much specially you. Sikander remembers college days where he always stood runner up and Joggi first. Sikander says I regret I lost to him, he bribed judges and won, boys say we are defeating him, Sikander says kulfi won’t agree don’t plan, Kulfi wants me to go Chandnaur, Mirchi says I will talk to Kulfi you just see what we do.
Kulfi and Amyra packing, they walk out with bags, sikanders friends arrange breakfast for them, Sikander introduces them to Kulfi Amyra, Sikanders friend start serving them and play extra attention to Kulfi, Kulfi says there is something fishy here, why so much attention, what you guys want, bitto and others tell her the story very dramatically, Amyra gets influenced, Kulfi says we will first go Chandnaur, and baba why are these people behaving like kids, we are going Chandnaur.

Thursday update On Kulfi the singing star 25th June 2020: On Kulfi the singing star thursday 25 June 2020,
Kulfi says we first have to go Chandnaur then other things and baba why are your friends behaving like kids, we are going Chandnaur that’s it.
Joggi tells Kulfi your baba was always with you whenever you were lost, Kulfi remembers all the incidents, Joggi says on last day JJ said to your baba that hebis a winner and you will never defeat me come what may, you always will be runner up, Kulfi says to Sikandar that they will stay here and teach JJ a lesson.
Sikandars friend’s reach farmhouse,they see JJ all well maintained and good doing,JJ recognise them and ask them where’s your runner up friend, Sikander walks to them,JJ asks how come you here, Mirchi says he is big singer in Mumbai,you must have heard his name, And challenge him, JJ says music is not a men’s game if you want to challenge step in field, im a kho kho coach, and if you win i will accept publically you Sikander are a winner and im runner up.
Sikander accepts the challenge. Everyone talks to Sikander why did he accept the challenge, all deny except mirchi and Sikander. Lovely tries to convince everyone not to participate, Sikander doesnt agree. Joggi says will we be able to, Kulfi says baba your health is not good, Sikander says trust my hope, and I will win, Kulfi hugs him. Sikanders friends agree and say but who will coach us, Kulfi says I will, I can play kho kho, Amyra excited too.
Kulfi says to begin we will need four more players, mirchi gets few of his friends and all begin practice. Kulfi looks at her count down paper and says this is important for baba and so I will help him.
Kulfi Introduce rules and game to everyone. Practice begins. Everyone rests after practice, Mirchi insists Sikander on motivation lines.
Kulfi says enough of it,lets practice.
Lovely later takes Sikander aside and says enough of immature things your health is not doing good, Sikander says im good and this is important for me and leaves.
lovely says just wait and watch how I take you back to Mumbai in middle of match.

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